To all our valued patients, 

We are sure that you have heard in the media that there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the Pacific Dental Convention that was recently held in Vancouver BC on March 05th - 07th. We wanted to reach out to you to keep you informed of the most up to date information that has been given to us by our governing bodies and the Provincial Health Team. 

While some of our staff were present at the Pacific Dental Convention and did return to work the following week (March 09th) , we did so before any announcement that there was a possible case.  We were informed by the Pacific Dental Convention on March 12th with this information, that the risk was very low and to monitor for symptoms but to take no other measures.  As of Monday morning, the province and BC Health Services has instructed us that additional cases have been confirmed and that anyone who attended the conference should self isolate until Sunday, March 22.  Our regulatory body, the CDSBC, also yesterday, strongly advised all dental offices in the province to cease treating non-emergent patients, which we have done in closing our office.  The office will remain closed until it is safe for all to reopen. In case of an emergency, please phone the office to get the number of the dentist on call. 

Please take comfort in knowing that none of our team has any symptoms and have been home since March 06th.  In all matters of this unprecedented situation, we have followed all recommendations from the CDSBC, and Provincial  Health Services.  

As a Dental Office, on a daily basis we exercise the highest levels of cleanliness, and sterilization.  We are proud to have always adopted the highest standards in our practice, and practice them daily. 

If you have any concerns or are unsure about symptoms, Please contact the provincial health link (dial 811) or complete the online assessment.  We will continue to follow the recommendations of Provincial Health and the Provincial Dental College. 

Thank you for reaching out with your questions, we will be in contact with any updates that we may have. 


Your team at Sagehills Dental Group.